Apr 23

How Can Medical Image Exchange Make My Life Easier?

Let’s face it: working in the medical industry can be crazy-busy. Everyday people are coming in needing help.  As if developing treatment plans weren't a big enough responsibility, every symptom and course of action from tests and lab work to diagnoses and prescriptions needs to be carefully documented.  It’s a lot of work, and there never seems to be enough time in the day. If you feel this way, you’re not alone. We’re all looking for ways to make day-to-day activities more convenient and less time-consuming while improving patient care. 

In order to put more time in your day, you first need to identify bottlenecks in your daily workflow. Finding the right technology solutions can help to minimize inefficiency.

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Apr 22

4 Cloud Tools to Improve Access to Medical Images

The right tools make a big difference in any industry, and of course, the same applies to the medical imaging industry. Having the best technology solutions help everyone involved: patients, administrative staff, care providers, and IT administrators. If you want to make your organization more productive by improving access to medical imaging data, you’ll want to consider these four solutions. 

Electronic Medical Image Sharing

Most institutions are still distributing exams on CDs. The problem is, CDs can often become lost, scratched or unreadable due to the myriad of viewers. The solution is electronic medical image sharing, which allows you to quickly upload, share and view large imaging files in real-time. In minutes you can share access to imaging data through the web.

[Tip: Learn more about how you can get started by downloading this eBook: The Ultimate Guide to Implementing Medical Image Sharing Portals.]

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Apr 16

Why We Love Image Exchange (And You Should, Too!)

You’ve heard us preach countless times about the benefits of cloud-based image exchange.  “It will help your institution.” “It will save your medical staff time.” “It will help you increase your referral base.”  You get it. But what about the benefits these platforms have for your patients?

The most rewarding part of our jobs is hearing how our software eases some of the burden for sick patients (and the family members of sick patients) by facilitating the transfer of medical images.  

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Apr 14

Should your Orthopedic Practice Manage Medical Images in the Cloud?

The cloud. Everyone is talking about it.  But when it comes to image management, how can it actually benefit your orthopedic practice? Read on to learn how a cloud-based approach to image management can give your clinic a leg up over traditional picture archiving communications systems (PACS).

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Apr 09

How Imaging Portals can Satisfy Meaningful Use Stage 2

Now that 2014 is in full swing, we need to address that topic in the back of everyone’s minds: Meaningful Use Stage 2.  This year marks the beginning of eligibility for MU2, and it’s time to start thinking about ways your institution can qualify. 

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Apr 07

Planning for Medical Image Sharing Portals: A Quick Guide

A decade ago, communicating with patients and colleagues through the web was out of the question – the technology simply wasn’t available.

But times, they are a changin’, and today, digital channels are transforming the way we interact in the medical world.

Online portals have the potential to fundamentally change the way we share information and collaborate on cases. One area that needs a lot of attention is imaging. How many cases has your organization been involved with this year where diagnostic imaging played a key role? If you stop and think about it, you need access to patient scans to handle most sophisticated cases. Being able to distribute imaging data through the web is critical.

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Apr 02

3 Signs You Should Consider a Medical Image Exchange Platform

In the music industry, iPods replaced CDs, CDs replaced cassette tapes, and cassette tapes replaced vinyl records.  What’s the pattern here?  None of the aforementioned technologies failed.  New, better options simply replaced the soon-to-be antiquated ones. 


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Mar 31

What does it take to Deploy a Medical Image Sharing Platform?

Have you ever imagined how much easier your day could be if you didn’t have to burn patient image exams onto a CD? How nice would it be if imaging data could be automatically transferred from your PACS to another PACS without VPNs? The truth is, this is becoming a reality for medical practices around the world.   Over the past five years, there has been a huge increase in the number of organizations adopting software for medical image distribution.

As a medical imaging software specialist, I’ve been in the trenches with countless organizations as they transition to cloud software. I’ve seen my fair share of roll-outs.  In this post I’m going to reveal what it takes to get set up and to ensure your transition goes smoothly. 

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Mar 27

3 Essential Insights About Patient Gateways Every Doctor Should Know

You are coming to this blog because you either have, or are interested in implementing a patient gateway.  You are taking an excellent and essential step for your practice.  

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Mar 25

Virtual Second Opinion Services are Changing the Landscape of Healthcare Delivery

The world is getting smaller. Continental boundaries are dissipating as the online world expands.  People in disparate locations are becoming more connected with the growing popularity of social media sites and other platforms of virtual communication. The cyber world enables individuals to share ideas, collaborate on business ventures, exchange goods, and even engage in life experiences together.  

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