Apr 23

Healthcare Doesn’t Have to Remain Stuck Behind the Technology Eight Ball

Originally published by mHealth Watch

The value of bringing technology into healthcare is apparent to most everyone. Digitizing data promises to place the control of medical records into the hands of the patients, while data analytics hold the potential to improve the speed and quality of clinical decision-making.

Yet, many healthcare organizations continue to struggle to adopt new technologies.

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Apr 22

Reach for the Sky: Extending Your PACS Functionality with the Cloud

Are you a new practice that needs your first PACS? Or do you already have a PACS, but you want to replace it or increase its functionality? Either way, it's time to start thinking about the Cloud as an alternative.

A Cloud PACS shares many similarities with a traditional PACS. The main difference is that rather than the hardware being located and managed in your facility, everything is hosted off-site in a centrally managed data center. To access studies with a Cloud PACS, users simply log in to a browser-based interface.

In some situations, Cloud PACS can have the upper hand over a traditional PACS. Software-as-a-Service, or SaaS for short, is a delivery model that has clear advantages for practices and makes a compelling case for the Cloud. So what if you already have a traditional PACS?

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Apr 21

What’s Next for the Health-Care Data Center?

Originally published by The Data Center Journal

When compared with other industries—think retail and finance—it’s no secret that health care has remained dreadfully behind in its ability to use the latest technology solutions. HIPAA compliance regulations, security concerns and lack of IT budget can all hold technology back and affect a hospital’s options.

Sound familiar? It’s certainly old news. In fact, you’ve more than likely heard the notion repeated again and again over the last several years in countless publications and blog posts. So why are we still talking about it?

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Apr 15

Telemedicine Update: Global Advancements in Telehealth

We often tend to focus on telemedicine’s advancements within our own country, the United States. This is rightfully so, as even understanding how telemedicine can fit into our own country’s healthcare system is a complex and ever-evolving process–one that may soon be transformed even more. While advancing our own country is a priority, there are many exciting initiatives outside the U.S. that are worth our attention. Considering the global telemedicine market is expected to more than double by 2019, these are worth paying attention to.

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Apr 13

How One Man Changed the Pediatric Imaging Experience

Transformative Innovation Can Start Small

A huge trend in pediatric imaging suites during the past few years has been to create a more “kid-friendly” environment, generally a space where children can feel more comfortable. These suites have been created at UCSF and John Hopkin’s Children’s Center, as well as many more hospitals across the country. The origins of this idea demonstrate a moment of simple but transformative innovation that showcases how important patient experience can be. 

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Apr 10

15 Ideas for Patient Engagement in a Digital World

This blog marks the final post in our 5 part series as a contributer in the #HIMSS15 Blog Carnival.  Make sure to check out all the recent posts on the future of healthcare.

Patient engagement – everyone seems to agree that it’s a good thing. The push for better patient engagement is the result of several forces coming together in order to achieve the “triple aim” of improved healthcare, better patient care and lower costs.  One of the forces is our society’s shift towards a completely connected and engaged culture. From Facebook and Instagram, to Amazon Prime and Netflix, we are living in a world where we demand access to what we want, when we want it. Digitization is opening up new lines of communication and granting us access to people and resources that we wouldn’t have otherwise. Our culture is now demanding more engagement across the board. This demand for real-time engagement and information sharing is not something that we can leave in the parking lot of our doctor’s office. Patients and providers are leveraging digital technology such as apps and portals to create a framework for ongoing, two-way communication. Here's how they're doing it:

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Apr 10

DICOM Grid to Showcase #MedicalSelfies at HIMSS15

Finally, the snow has melted, the birds are chirping, and the sun is shining. What does it all mean? We’re kicking off our boots and stepping into spring with a quick trip to Chicago – destination, HIMSS. On Sunday, we’ll be joining our fellow health IT enthusiasts for a week long marathon of demonstrations…and we hope to see you there!

Throughout the conference, you’ll have your chance at a behind the scenes look at our award winning cloud medical image management platform. Plus, you’ll get an opportunity to meet our very charming team of imaging software experts : ). Our technical squad is already queued up and ready to dive into the nitty gritty details about HIPAA secure image sharing, storage, and viewing. 

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Apr 09

Proof that Telemedicine Innovation is Shaping the Future of Healthcare Delivery

This post is part of the #HIMSS15 Blog Carnival series, which is designed to get your wheels turning about the future of health IT. Today's trending topic is on innovations in healthcare!

Forget the stethoscope, technology innovations are bringing about a new era of healthcare. As telemedicine technology grows in popularity, the doctor’s bag may be a thing of the past, quickly being replaced by a mix of video conferencing, electronic-document sharing, and mobile apps. Telemedicine is already alive and well across medical institutions spanning every corner of the globe. It’s easy to get excited about these new tools–some of them are downright cool. More important than the “coolness factor” that these gadgets bring to healthcare are the profound outcomes of their use. In terms of results, the proof is in the pudding.

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Apr 08

5 Considerations for Securing Patient Health Information in the Cloud

This post is part of the #HIMSS15 Blog Carnival series, which is designed to get your wheels turning about the future of health IT. Today's trending topic is on security.

The idea of putting data and applications in the cloud is changing the game across all industries and beginning to take hold in healthcare.  Healthcare is moving to a digital platform and becoming more patient-centered and data driven. The upside of this transformation is greater sharing and accessibility of information when and where it is needed. But, from an IT standpoint, this evolution poses threats to security.  Striking a balance between privacy and convenience underpins the healthcare cloud dilemma.  On one hand, cloud services can boost productivity at a lower cost than some on premises IT solutions. At the same time, healthcare providers must rethink their strategies for keeping patient health information safe in the cloud. Below are a few considerations for hospitals and practices looking to adopt cloud technology.

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Apr 07

The Big Data Roundup: Top 5 Blogs about its Future in Medicine

Big data is a big deal. We now stream data from everything: laptops, phones, buses, trains, televisions, and credit cards. The list is endless. Today, we have access to more data than ever before. What is more impressive though, is the capabilities we now have with this information. This is why big data is so revolutionary.

The possibilities of big data in medicine are endless. Remember though, with big data comes big responsibility. While access to this information can advance medicine, we also need to ensure HIPAA standards are followed and private patient health information is secured. Granting people access to big data while simultaneously ensuring patient privacy will undoubtedly be a delicate balance, but it is one we need to address to ensure medicine reaches its full potential. If you've read our blogs, you’ve heard us speak countless times about the benefits of big data in healthcare.“Big data has the potential to revolutionize healthcare.” “We’ve just begun to see its potential in medicine.”

As part of the #HIMSS2015 Blog Carnival we're rounding up our top five posts on where big data is heading. Enjoy!

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