Feb 27

DICOM Grid Settles the Dress Dispute!

Is it white and gold? Is it blue and black? The dress mystery has been on everyone’s mind this morning and people have strongly sided with one team.  It has been announced on social media that the dress is indeed blue and black and was never produced in gold and white. Our brain struggles to determine whether the dress is blue and black in a yellow light or white and gold in a blue light.

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Feb 26

2015 - Telemedicine's Big Year?

We’ve all been that angry person at the doctor’s office. It took too long to get an appointment and now it's taking even longer to be seen by the doctor. Providers and patients alike are often frustrated, tired, and grumpy by the time the appointment occurs. Telemedicine can aid in the avoidance of unnecessary in-person visits, allowing for faster treatment and more quality care.

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Feb 24

A Cautionary Tale: Considerations in Health Technology

In the past few years, healthcare has been vastly improved by digital technology and innovation. We know developments in Health IT are key to a future of seamless interoperability and increased patient quality of care. At the same time, healthcare comes with its share of red tape; it is an industry that is hesitant to change, and at times, for good reason. Quality care is essential for people in need, and advancements need to ensure that this care can be guaranteed.

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Feb 20

Collaborate Virtually : Hosting Meetings Within Our Viewer!

Attendees of our most recent webinar had the unusual experience of having a meeting within a meeting. During the webinar, we sent a link to the audience that gave them access to join us inside the DICOM Grid viewer. This new feature allows a meeting host with the appropriate role permissions to host a meeting in the viewer by simply clicking “meet.” Actions performed by the host (such as scroll, move, or annotate) are synced with the participants viewing the meeting. 

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Feb 18

Doctors Look Toward Technology in the Fight Against Infectious Diseases

Globalization is great thing. Have a friend in London? You can easily send them a text, email them, book a plane ticket online, order an Uber to the airport, and arrive in less than 24 hours. Unfortunately, not only can you arrive quickly, but so can infectious diseases like Ebola, measles, and more. Globalization allows infectious diseases to spread quickly within our nation and globally. Since technology allows this travel and interaction to be possible, why not use it to prevent the spread of infectious diseases as well?   

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Feb 17

Is Artificial Intelligence the Answer in the Health IT World?

In the world of Health IT, conversations about collected data often lead to the question, how can we utilize all this information?

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Feb 13

Smartphone Gadget Can Detect HIV in 15 Minutes!

You can now diagnose HIV through your smartphone in 15 minutes. It’s also FDA approved. Have we caught your attention yet?

Last week, we discussed the benefits for patients and providers alike concerning wearable and mobile medical devices. Such devices can increase access to care, monitor current conditions, and even help patients avoid unnecessary medical visits and high costs.

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Feb 12

Finishing the Story : Medical Images & HIEs

Could you imagine Facebook without pictures? In this day and age, how can anyone’s story be complete without the pictures to go with it? Imaging data adds a new component to the telling of a patient’s story.

The majority of HIE data exchanged includes things like demographics, allergies, prescriptions, and payment information. Adding imaging to HIEs produces a more complete record of a patient’s profile, reduces image exchange costs, prevents duplicate diagnostic tests, and shortens time to deliver care.

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Feb 11

The Internet of Things: The Reality of Connected Healthcare

The Internet of Things, the idea that everything will someday be totally connected, is no longer a Jetson’s era fantasy. It’s becoming closer to a reality in healthcare.

We’ve discussed IoT in healthcare and what its impact could be, but what would that look like? How can healthcare be ready for this total connectivity? Most importantly, how will IoT be able to increase the efficiency of the system benefiting both practitioner and patient alike?

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Feb 06

What's On the Healthcare Horizon?

The healthcare world is changing. Okay, so you’ve heard that one before. You may be wondering, what is really changing in the world of healthcare? What can I expect as a patient or provider?

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