Aug 26

Back to Cloud Shopping

Back to School Cloud Shopping?

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Aug 20

The Internet of Things (IoT) is Becoming More Prevalent in Healthcare

The Internet of Things (IoT) - an extension of Big Data - is estimated to become a $117 billion industry by 2020. It began with computers, then cellphones, and now has moved to watches that can monitor our active calories burned during spin class. This concept of constant and widespread internet connectivity is now moving towards everyday objects that are used in the healthcare field, like insulin pumps, implantable cardioverter/ defibrillator ,and even contact lenses. It is crazy to think that telemetry monitors, bed alarms, and pulse oximetry was just the start of this revolution we refer to as universal connectivity.

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Aug 18

3 Problems with Existing Image Management Solutions in Hospitals

Here's a sneek peek from our latest eBook on unified image management in the enterprise. Download here to view the entire guide! 

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Aug 13


The landscape of patient-physician interactions has changed dramatically within the past decade. However, both physicians and patients can agree that systematic issues still exist. While technology remains one of the primary forces facilitating the development of full-stack patient satisfaction within our healthcare systems, we recently were reminded of the true force that guides complete patient care; the human element. An initiative led by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation entitled Flip the Clinic took to combining technology and the human spirit in an effort to make a change. Fusing the two fundamental forces, Flip the Clinic began a Twitter conversation around two principal hashtags: #IWishMyDoc and #IWishMyPatient. Creating a venue for transparent contact between patient and physician, the conversation did not stop there. Soon others took to writing threads regarding the topics: #IWishMyHospital, #IWishMyNurse, #IWishMyInsurer, and #IWishMyHealthcare.

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Aug 06

Welcome To The Future of Image Management

The Cloud   

The future of image management lies in the Cloud. It allows for real-time image exchange, enhanced archiving capabilities, mobile viewing and seamless access of data from EMR and RIS systems. Plus, new regulations like, Meaningful Use are pushing organizations to limit testing and procedures. The Cloud gives facilities the ability to keep in check with Meaningful Use regulations without a problem.

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Aug 04

3 Cloud Trends Changing the Informatics Industry

The Cloud is bringing many major changes to the Health IT world. In fact, nowadays the Cloud has become an indispensible tool in the world of medical imaging. Let's take a look at 3 ways current Cloud trends will change the informatics industry. 

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Jul 31

The DoD's Mega-EMR Contract and the Future of EMRs

Earlier this week the U.S. Department of Defense announced the winner of their Defense Healthcare Management System Modernization contract. News surrounding the announcement and the events building up to the historic contract garnered much attention; behind headlines touting the contracts multi-billion dollar value, articles highlighted nationwide concerns about the effective integration of EMRs within practices and enterprise healthcare institutions. Many smaller practices searching for their first EMR or a replacement for their current EMR may wonder — What does the DoD’s mega-EMR contract have to do with my own? The answer to this question lies within the distinct criteria the DoD applied in their quest for a new EMR and also within recent trends the healthcare market has witnessed with regards to them.

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Jul 28

Best Health Apps of 2015 For Physicians & Patients

According to a recent report from Gartner, more mobiles phones than computers were shipped last year – 1.8 billion versus 300 million.

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Jul 27

Goodbye to MRI and PET Images? A New Way to See the Brain

If all goes to Lihong Wang’s plan, complex images of the brain will be photographed using only light and sound. Wang, a professor of biomedical engineering at Washington University, calls himself a “toolmaker,” and already has created technology that can detect a single cancer cell in the bloodstream, and a camera fast enough to capture objects moving at the speed of light. 

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Jul 22

Are We Being Ultra-Safe with Ultrasound?

It used to be that the first photos ever taken of an individual occurred after birth. However, on social media today, we frequently get a good look far before the child is even born. Unsure how to respond? 

A Wall Street Journal article highlighting recent information compiled by FAIR Health Inc. may have the answer. The article concludes that, “enough is enough” at least when it comes to ultrasound and sonogram imaging exposure.
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