Nov 11

Patients Share MRI Experience via Twitter

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Nov 09

Top Tips for Launching Patient Portals

This post was originally posted on Advance Healthcare Network on November 2, 2015.

Medical facilities in the U.S. are known for the cutting-edge technology they use to treat patients, but until fairly recently, hospitals, medical centers, doctors' offices and other care facilities typically lagged behind in adopting technology to efficiently manage records, data and patient-care team communication. Healthcare reform efforts were designed specifically to address that with incentives that promote digital communication and recordkeeping, and these measures have helped move the needle. Today, more providers use technology to share medical histories and communicate with patients. This moves well beyond the traditional notice of appointments and now includes delicate and sophisticated patient information including, in its best iteration, diagnostic imaging such as CTs, MRIs and Echos.

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Nov 05

'Interoperability', Say That Five Times Fast!

In the face of systematic and technological changes throughout the healthcare industry, very few key elements driving the industry’s shift have remained as pertinent as ‘interoperability’. Systems for gathering, displaying, and analyzing data have long allowed patients and physicians the benefit of deriving knowledge from clinical data. Now, the efforts of many have shifted towards an approach to improve interoperability in a move to fuse information across disparate systems for bigger and better data. 

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Oct 30

Mammography on the Move

The buzz around Breast Cancer Awareness Month is everywhere. Hundreds of organizations, societies and support groups have done an excellent job in bringing breast cancer to a place where it is not only publicly recognized, but it is talked about and has become a cure to rally behind by the general public. Events, and of course the not-so-subtle color PINK, brighten my neighborhood and daily intake of news.

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Oct 29

2015 Consumer Adoption Trends in Digital Healthcare

Digital health has seen huge growth in 2015 for B2C markets.We have all seen the growth of telemedicine, but that is not the only digital health market to have greatly expanded. Genetic services, mobile health tracking and online physician reviews have all seen growth in the past year. With all of these expanding markets it is interesting to take a look back at consumer’s adoptions towards these markets. Rock Health’s recent national study polled 4,000 consumers on their attitudes towards data privacy and sharing within the healthcare ecosystem. Below are 7 highlights from the study:

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Oct 27

ACS Announces Update to Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines

In dramatic fashion, the American Cancer Society released new guidelines for breast cancer screening after growing concern that the benefits of mammograms may have been inflated causing over diagnosis and false positives from tests. Among the most important changes to the ACS’s breast cancer screening guidelines is change in the recommended age at which women begin testing. The ACS which previously recommended screening begin at age 40, now recommends annual screening begin at age 45. In addition, the ACS suggests transitioning to bi-annual screening at age 55. 

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Oct 20

Back to School with Telemedicine


With fall upon us and children back in school, the color of the leaves may not be the only thing changing. Healthcare and school systems across the nation are teaming up to prevent illnesses and absences in the classroom with the help of telemedicine.

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Oct 16

NATO Successfully Tests Multinational Telemedicine System

The 28-nation treaty organization, NATO is developing a telemedicine system to use during emergency situations. While working with Avera Health in South Dakota, NATO officials saw a demonstration of the Transportable Exam Station (TES). NATO used TES in Lviv, Ukraine during a field test involving more than a thousand rescue workers from 34 different countries. According to an announcement released by NATO, the technology was successful during the field exercise taken place in late September. This marks the first time that independent telemedicine systems collaborated to successfully provide medical support in a disaster scenario.

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Oct 08

The Medical World Today

The medical world has historically witnessed its largest changes at the hands of innovative physicians, surgeons, nurses, and admin who served to reinvent medical practices of their time. While innovation in the operating room, emergency room, and beyond has certainly not slowed, it has received an enormous boost from the pioneering efforts of Health IT leaders. 

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Oct 05

Health IT Innovations Enhance Women’s Health

Early detection is key when preventing the spread of cancers, yet many shy away from the medical procedures that would provide them with the necessary awareness to take action. In 2011, Ella Health was concerned with the underwhelming number of women getting their annual mammogram. They set out to improve the patient experience by using innovations in health technology. During National Health IT Week, DICOM Grid will be highlighting several different use cases where improvements in health technology lead to a reduced rate of redundant radiology exams, an improved patient experience, and lowers costs for patients and physicians alike.

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