Jun 30

Medicare and the Cost of Telemedicine

Telemedicine has been growing steadily as a way to provide care to patients who live in remote areas, can’t travel, or who want to talk to a doctor from the comfort of their own home. For those older citizens who aren’t able to drive or find a way to travel to a physician, telemedicine provides them with a way to receive care. Already being utilized worldwide, telemedicine can provide care that is just as good as the care a patient would receive in an office while being much easier to access. It's shaping the future of healthcare delivery, from dermatology to telestroke.

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Jun 26

Cloud Innovations In Sports Medicine

As an athlete your body is your most prized possession. You must do everything to keep it functioning to its full potential. Unfortunately, sometimes no matter what preventative measures you take an injury will occur. In this circumstance, time is of the essence. Yet, often times with orthopedic practices, the process from initial consultation to surgery is much longer than necessary for a number of different reasons. Some of which include using CDs, trouble viewing MRIs, and the inability to share images in real-time. It is crucial for athletes to work with orthopedic practices that can reduce time-to-care delivery and get players back in the game as quickly as possible. Orthopedic groups can improve real-time image sharing capabilities by incorporating a Cloud-based imaging solution.

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Jun 24

The Benefits of Health Information Exchange Platforms

Despite the fact that the U.S. spends more of its GDP on healthcare than any other country, our healthcare system still ranks last when compared with many other developed nations. With this in mind, it’s easy to see why major shifts in the implementation of technology and the reduction of costs are taking place.

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Jun 18

Implementing a Successful Virtual Second Opinion Program

Providers have the opportunity to expand their reach and share insights with patients across the globe.  In turn, patients can receive valuable insights from professionals all over the world. Unsure how to develop a successful second opinion program? We’ll cover how CARE can get you there.

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Jun 17

Cutting Healthcare Costs with Big Data

When it comes to reducing healthcare costs, prevention is key to saving money. The companies that know this try to use it to their advantage by observing ‘big data’. This isn’t just happening in the healthcare industry. For example, car insurance companies provide gadgets that plug into your car to track your driving and employers encourage healthy behaviors by providing employees with fitness tracking devices to support a healthy lifestyle. 

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Jun 12

Walgreens Expands Telehealth Platform

Your Walgreens online shopping cart can be filled with Goldfish, paper towels, a new toothbrush, and a virtual doctor. Come again? You heard that right. Walgreens is taking part in the trend to make medical information and care more easily accessible.

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Jun 10

Viewing Medical Images on Demand

On-demand TV viewing has created a world of individuals who cannot bear the thought of a commercial interrupting their programming. I know because I’m one of them.  On a more valuable note, we have also now entered a time when medical imaging can be viewed on demand and even from IPads and IPhones. Looking for a universal viewer can be just as complex as navigating the world of cable packages. We’re here to discuss what your facility should keep in mind when researching universal viewers.

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Jun 09

3 Benefits of Using Cloud-Based Image Sharing for Trauma Transfer

When it comes to trauma transfer, time is of the essence. When a patient is in serious condition, they need to receive the right care at the soonest possible moment. Thankfully, advances in image exchange can help save precious seconds by allowing the process move more quickly and more efficiently. Below, I quickly highlight 3 major benefits to implementing a Cloud image exchange solution.

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Jun 05

3 Technologies That Are Changing Healthcare

Technology makes our lives so much easier. We can do all of our shopping online, order food to be delivered, or watch a movie without leaving the house. Our banking and our bills can be accessed online, so doesn't it make sense that healthcare should be technologically advancing too?

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Jun 03

Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

Raise your hand if you’ve ever tried going online when the power was out. I know I’m guilty of this one. As a society, we are incredibly reliant on electricity and the Internet to complete even the most mundane tasks. Luckily, the majority of outages are temporary and data is easily accessible soon after. However, what happens when disaster really strikes? A hurricane, earthquake, flooding, or fire can cause severe damage and permanently destroy data. How can health systems small and large keep data secured and readily available?

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